Products manufactured by ALUMGLASS
Quality, Comfort and Style perfection
Create Innovation
Cohesive finish converts the design idea with a wide colour range. Implement a renovation project with PPC (Polyester Powder Coating) enhanced by extensive RAL colours option. Fulfil an innovation project embodying the groundbreaking match of aluminium construction and building purpose.
Quality & Durability
Durability tested by seasonal weather conditions: protection from UV rays unhealthy influence, harsh environment, cold season moisture and heavy precipitation imposing no damage to the smooth finish and material qualities.
Two re- for aluminium systems mean recyclability and renewability to perform as ecologically carrying decisions. The architectural project meets all environmentally friendly standards in construction.
№1 for Building Purposes
Temperature and acoustic insulation quality making it №1 material for building purposes. Energy efficiency level in aluminium windows and doors is approved by the world engineering and construction organizations. Urban pollution and noise prevention due to the soundproof glass together with metal insulating property.
Strength & Lightness
Perfect fabrication and application opportunity is ensured by its lightweight quality. The popularity of the aluminium material among projects with difficult accessibility explained by the oxymoron of strength and lightness.
Time Efficiency
Time-efficient maintenance despite tremendously large sizes. High quality, usable joints and fittings create no need for complicated installation.
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