Manufacturer of aluminum windows and doors in Poland
Alumglass Transforms the Way You Create Modern Comfort!
Alumglass Transforms the Way You Create Modern Comfort!
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Aluminum construction as absolute choice in the building and construction industries.
Alumglass company manufactures and supplies aluminum constructions worldwide from Europe to the US. We trust and develop this niche due to the material intrinsic properties of nature-friendly components, durability, aesthetics, safety and security. If you are searching for elegant or stylish, up-to-date or traditional, exceptional or time-tested options, we have a wide range to meet and complete your property style.
Versatility to fit any project
Any specification in shape and dimensions can be manufactured making it an integral part of designer or architectural project implementation.
Light & Strong structure
The priority benefit of the material leaving no compromise for the better choice. As a result, you provide foundation with a perfect product without the excess steel weight.
Corrosion Resistance
Optimal material for construction applications having additional advantages of waterproof qualities and invincible to UV rays damaging effects
Surface Finish Diversity
Meet the decorative requirements with various anodizing and painting opportunities not influencing the material lifecircle high qualities.
Eco-conscious Choice
Gained leadership as the most sustainable and energy-efficient material used in the construction field. Reusable and recyclable material is of great importance to those who prefer deconstruction.
Thermal Efficiency
New level of aluminum glazing energy performance providing homeowners and business ones with benefits to save on energy bills.
Trusted by the Brands
Leading supplier of sustainable and innovative aluminum, PVC and steel window, door and facade systems for residential and office facilities. More than a million quantity distribution all over the world is enhanced by the trust from the customers’ side. Design diversity, reliability, energy efficiency and comfort are embodied into the system development.
Modern principles of energy efficiency and Eco-friendly environment approach form the basis for reliable and up-to-day aluminum solutions development and implementation. The leading European company's high quality aluminum systems meet all the comfort, security and architectural design requirements. Standard and customized approach policy for all market sectors from residential to industrial objects.
One of the major aluminium systems manufactures in Europe. Creativity and innovation from the approach of the system construction. Customer oriented policy results in high-quality goods and continuous improvement.
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