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Pivot Doors: What Do You Need to Know?

If you are looking for an interesting solution for your front doors, we suggest that you consider doors with a shifted opening axis to the frame. This is a very non-standard solution that has its advantages.

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Passive House: What Is Important to Know?

A few years ago, when designing a house, we did not think about its maximum energy saving, and the cost of these technologies seemed too high to us. However, nowadays, utility bills have increased several-fold and the issue of reducing the cost of electricity, heat, and water has become acute.

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10 Reasons to Choose Panoramic Aluminum Windows for Your House: Aesthetics, Functionality, and Efficiency

Panoramic stained-glass windows have become a part of modern architecture. Floor-to-ceiling full-wall windows are not only found in shops, office centers. They have become common in the construction of private and apartment buildings.

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Aluminum Windows. Why are They so Popular?

When it comes to aluminum windows, we are faced with the image of an all-metal frame through which heat easily passes. This is not the case today. The industry makes progress and aluminum window frames have also changed.

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Terrace. How to Make your House a Home?

Having bought or built a house, we do not immediately think about arranging the terrace. But the thought of creating more comfortable space on the terrace will stick around after feeling at least once the impact of precipitation sitting over a cup of morning coffee.

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