Schüco PRC 50

Schüco PRC 50 is a universal non-insulated platform for the construction of translucent canopies, all-glass terrace roofs, unheated greenhouses and winter gardens. Created on the basis of the CMC 50 thermally insulated system, the platform is completely compatible with it.

Its main advantage is simple processing and wide possibilities for design of translucent roofs of complex geometry. It is suitable for the construction of single-pitch, double-pitch, hip, half-hip, vaulted, pavilion roofs and canopies. The rafters and beams are highly rigid. They allow to create large-format structures with spans of up to 6.5 m. The modular design made it possible to reduce the number of parts and speed up production and installation.

Advantages of Schüco PRC 50 terrace roofs:

  • high rigidity, manufacturing of large-format structures with a distance between bearing profiles up to 6.5 m;
  • simplified production and quick installation;
  • aesthetic appearance, several trim design options: flat, dimensional, with straight or rounded edges;
  • high tightness due to cascade water drainage;
  • suitability for the construction of complex translucent roofs.

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