Schüco FW 60+ SG

Schüco FW 60+ SG – is a unique profile system that has been able to combine the advantages of structural, modular and post-bar facades. Reliable, with excellent energy-saving properties and aesthetic look – it took us a step closer to the future.


The main highlight of the Shuko FW 60+ SG facades are hidden pressing bars that are invisible from the outside. The system imitates structural glazing, creating the effect of a solid translucent shell. At the same time, it is distinguished by simpler installation, typical for post-bas systems. Does not require such high qualification from the personnel involved in the assembly of the structure.


Profiles can hold double-glazed windows with a thickness of 64 mm and a weight of up to 650 kg. The maximum size of the module is 2.6 x 4.2 m.


Enhanced profiles insulation, a specially designed frame that ensures the tightness of the glass unit, the ability to install packages preliminary filled with an inert gas — all these improvements resulted in low heat transmission and allowed to comply with requirements of the “passive house” standards.


FW 60+ SG facades can be completed with windows from the AWS 114 series. You can choose manual control or Schüco TipTronic electric drive that can be connected to the building management system (“Smart Home”).


The advantages of Schüco FW 60+ SG post and transom facades:

  • gas-tight double-glazed windows with reduced heat transmission;
  • the hidden holders of glass, imitation of an all-glass shell;
  • Integration of top-hung and parallel-sliding windows is possible;
  • the maximum area of ​​the glass unit is more than 10 m2;
  • simplified manufacture, accelerated installation.


To learn more about the facade platform or to see the examples of use – give us a call or visit our office.