Schüco FW 50+.SI

The Schüco FW 50 + .SI – is a post-bar facade system that surprises with its energy-saving properties. It replaces a full wall for thermal insulation properties and easily withstands hurricane gusts of wind. At the same time, it allows to create unique translucent facades, making gigantic buildings visually airy and fragile.


The heat transmission of the profile, Uf is only 0.70 W / (mK). Schüco FW 50 + .SI profiles are certified according to the “passive house” standards. Widely used in the construction of energy-efficient buildings in Europe, including Germany and Norway.


Schüco FW 50 + .SI is a new standard of energy saving at the market of facade systems. But low heat transmission rates were achieved not through the thickening of profiles, but through the use of innovative materials.


The structure remains elegant and light. Profile thickness of only 50 mm. It does not put any limits at architects’ ideas and is suitable for execution of the most complex projects.


Cross-shaped supports of different widths can be used. They allow you to install windows with a thickness from 30 to 82 mm, weighing up to 700 kg.




  • the system complies with the “passive house” standards, suitable for low-energy buildings, object’s construction;
  • an improved fastening system that allows you to hold massive windows weighing up to 700 kg;
  • clamp profiles are already equipped with insulating foam, which simplifies the production and installation of facades;
  • improved seals to increase the tightness of the structure.


Schüco FW 50 + .SI is a facade system that is built using the technologies of the future. It successfully copes with the whims of the weather, suitable for both hot and cold northern regions.