Schüco FW 50+ SG

The Schüco FW 50+ SG is an elegant system that has revolutionized the market of facade systems. Form of the structural glazing, the speed of installation of modular facades, the availability and reliability of the post-bar systems – all this was united by a new platform from Schüco company. Having low thermal conductivity, it allows you to create unique all-glass envelope for a building, making massive objects of reinforced concrete visually light and fragile.


Its main feature is a unique design, where clamp profiles are visible only from inside of the building. From the outside, only small, delicate seams are noticeable, like those of structural glazing. This is the best system solution for creating an all-glass facade effect. Energy-saving two-chamber double-glazed windows with a thickness of up to 64 mm, preliminary filled with inert gas and improved insulation made possible to achieve energy efficiency and meet the requirements of the “passive house” standards.


Invisible profiles have high rigidity and increased bearing capacity, received a technical certificate ETA 05/0114. They easily hold glass panes of 650 kg weight and 2.6 x 4.2 m size. The area of ​​one glass module exceeds 10 square meters.


Schüco FW 50+ SG facades are compatible with window systems of the Schüco AWS 114 series (top-hung and parallel-slide). It is possible to install automatic drive for opening sashes.




  • hidden glass holders create the effect of an all-glass facade, imitate structural and semi-structural glazing;
  • improved fixation of glass, fallout protection;
  • it is possible to integrate parallel-sliding or upper-hung sashes from the AWS 114 series, installation of automatic drive is available;
  • the maximum area of ​​double-glazed windows is over 10 m2;
  • low heat transmission, meet the “passive house” standards.


Schüco FW 50+ SG is a new trend that is capable to make a revolution in the market of glass facades. To learn more about the system or learn the conditions of cooperation give us a call.