Schüco CMC 50

Schüco CMC 50 – is a system with improved thermal insulation for the construction of winter gardens, translucent roofs of terraces and verandas, and flat skylights. Distinguished by the simplified processing, high tightness, exquisite appearance. It gives the freedom of action to architects, allows you to execute objects with a high level of complexity.


The main feature of this system – is a modular design. Profiles are equipped with all the necessary structural elements right at the factory. This simplifies assembly on-site.


Due to well-thought-out configuration of seals and thermal inserts, columns and beams have a low thermal conductivity, Uf is from 1.0 W / (m²K) to 1.6 W / (m²K). Schüco CMC 50 complies with the requirements of the “passive house” standards. It can be used not only for the glazing of seasonal extensions, but also for the manufacture of translucent roofs in residential premises.


The system can successfully bear glass panes with a thickness of up to 60 mm and a weight of 400 kg. Installation of roof windows AWS 57 RO.HI, smoke removal systems and heat-conducting paths is available.


Advantages of winter gardens Schuko CMC 50:


  • high energy efficiency, can be used for the manufacture of translucent roofs of terraces or flat skylights in residential premises;
  • simplified processing due to the reduced number of structural elements;
  • simplified and accelerated assembly;
  • installation of additional equipment is available: roof windows with electric drive, smoke removal systems, ventilation;
  • several design options: with flat, rounded, voluminous overlays;
  • suitable for making winter gardens of all available configurations.


Schüco CMC 50 is a reliable translucent structure that will cope with the force of nature.

You can order the installation or get more information over the phone.