Schüco AWS

At the international exhibition BAU 2015, the German manufacturer Schüco presented an extended line of AWS profile systems with the possibility of opening to the outside. Shtulp windows and balcony doors appeared in the series. This is what many apartments and private houses owners have been waiting for.


Increased width of the opening, opening to the outside, no transom bar. Schüco AWS window series considerably simplifies life, make it possible use area of small ​​balconies and loggias rationally. Due to the narrow transom and minimum width of the frame, such windows let maximum of light. Make it possible to enjoy unique, panoramic landscapes.


With Schüco AWS 70.HI, AWS 75.SI + you can make balcony doors with a low threshold. Its height is only 12.5 mm. The German manufacturer took into account not only the local standard (the maximum allowed height in Germany is 20 mm), but also the standards of other countries: Great Britain (15 mm) and the USA (12.7 mm).


The Schüco AWS series is completed with innovative fittings. First of all, the manufacturer has increased the bearing capacity of the tilt and turn, top-hung sashes. Instead of screwed connections, suppressions based on turning bearing elements are used. The technology has already been used in AvanTec proprietary fittings and has proven its convenience and reliability.


Improving their systems, German engineers have improved burglary resistance. Fittings of shtulp and classic swing windows provide burglary resistance of RC 2 class. This is confirmed by the tests of PAS 24.


Advantages of the AWS windowing series:


  • increased width of the opening, rational use of the space of balconies and loggias due to outward opening;
  • burglary resistance of RC 2 class, confirmed by tests PAS 24;
  • possibility to manufacture balcony doors with a low threshold – only 12.5 mm;
  • integrated opening angle limiter increases safety of use.


Schüco  AWS window profiles line turns the profile systems’ market upside down. It gives unlimited opportunities for architects. But what is more important, it allows creating a comfortable interior with minimum efforts.