Schüco AWS 70.HI

Schüco creates unique solutions for all occasions. Do you need a building renovation? Or the glazing of an ultra-modern office centre? Do you want more space, visual lightness and high thermal insulation at the same time? AWS 70.HI system will complete any mission successfully.

High thermal insulation, thin sashes and a stylish appearance are the features distinguishing Schüco AWS 70.HI profiles among its competitors. Due to hidden fittings, the window looks even more interesting and a little intriguing. A wide choice of different glazing beads, which help to place visual accents and organically fit the translucent structure into the overall appearance of the building:

  • Soft Line: the rounded contours look extremely neat and fit into both classic interiors and bionic, which is highly popular nowadays;
  • Residential Line: bevelled glazing beads look strict and presentable, help to emphasize the respectability of an office or a cabinet and perfectly match the architecture of historical buildings;
  • Steel Contour: narrowed contours are the best for imitation of ancient steel windows and their replacement during renovation;
  • Window Facade: an ideal choice for glazing of ultra-modern buildings and imitation of the mullion and transom structure.

Due to the increased thermal break, filled with foam, and the possibility to install energy-efficient glass units up to 62 mm thick, AWS 70.HI windows securely retain heat in winter and cool in summer. Thermal conductivity of the profile is Uf 1.6 W/m²K.

Various opening options are available. Maximum sash weight: 160 kg, size: 1.7×2.5 m. For tilt-and-turn sashes with increased weight a crank handle can be installed. Control: manual or Schüco TipTronic electric drive. The system is compatible with Schüco ADS door series.