Schüco AWS 60

Profile system with a built-in depth of 60 mm is designed to meet various needs of customers. Refined, lightweight, with ability to change the level of insulation. It is an ideal solution for the realization of the most bold architectural projects.


The main feature is low heat transmission (Uf up to 1.7 W / (m²K)) with a small installation depth (60 mm) and apparent width (51 mm). Schüco AWS 60 windows have no analogues in the world.


Windows can be opened inside and outside. System can be complete with usual swing and tilt-and-turn or slide and lift-and-slide sashes. Vast choice of style solutions. Beside standard system, you can choose Residential Line and Soft Line design series. Installation of alarm sensors and original Schüco TipTronic automatic drive is available.




  • medium draught strip with sealing darts increase tightness and thermal insulation;
  • low heat transmission coefficient due to the wide insulation zone;
  • thin transoms, vast glazing area due to thin frames (51 mm);
  • improved profile configuration for efficient processing
  • made of environmentally friendly raw materials that can be reused;
  • Schüco AWS 60 windows are compatible with the Schüco ADS door series;
  • hidden fittings, the possibility of performance with hidden sashes.


Schüco AWS 60 is a modern system capable to transform the perception of a building. Refined, visually light and fragile. It reliably protects from bad weather and helps to save energy. Schüco’s engineers offered a wide range of style decisions; painting in any color is possible.