Schüco AWS 112 IC

When the question concerns an elegant, sophisticated design – then aluminum windows have no equals. But now aluminum profile systems can be called the best in the area of energy saving. Schüco AWS 112 IC profiles made this possible. This is an innovative solution that completely turns our understanding of a passive house upside down.


If a couple of decades ago, the passive house looked like a medieval fortress, where the light hardly penetrates, then today it is a sophisticated building with panoramic stained-glass windows. Schüco AWS 112 IC aluminum windows, even if they are of an entire wall size, will not let either heat or cold in. Due to the narrow frames width of only 12 cm, they let the maximum sunlight in.


The heat transmission coefficient of the profile, Uf = 0.8 W / (m²K) and the of the whole window, Uw = 0.75 W / (m²K). It is confirmed by studies of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. High thermal insulation was achieved thanks to an improved design. The window received two thermal bridges due to the additional external patch. As a result, there are no bridges of cold in the profile system. The idyll is complemented by energy-saving glass panes, up to 48 mm thick, with special glasses reflecting infrared radiation.


Profiles have high rigidity. Height of the floor glazing is possible. Different types of opening are available: PASK, swing, sliding, bi-fold (“accordion”), etc. There is an option to install original automatic Schüco TipTronic electric drive and connection to the “smart home” system.



  • low heat transmission, meet the “passive house” standards;
  • narrow transoms and increased light transmission;
  • high burglary resistance(class RC 3); installation of automation with remote access is possible;
  • the system is compatible with the ADS 112.IC door series;
  • maximum height – 2.5 m.


Schüco AWS 112 IC embodied all the advantages of aluminum profiles. This system will be relevant even after a decade, and even after three, four decades.