Schüco ASS​ 70.HI

Schüco ASS 70.HI is a platform for manufacture of sliding and lifting-and-slide systems with enhanced thermal insulation. This is the development of Schüco company! German engineers know how to surprise. First of all it is tightness, waterproofing reaches 1050 Pa. Neither strong gusts of wind nor dust storm nor autumn dampness will penetrate your home. Sliding doors successfully cope with heat preservation. Heat transmission of a window, Uw is not higher than 1.3 W / (m²K). The structure easily meets all the requirements of the European standards for energy efficient construction.


But the main purpose of ASS 70.HI is to change the space, open up more freedom and amaze. And here the system exceeds all expectations. Thin vertical frames are almost invisible. The maximum glazing area of ​​one leaf is 9 m2. Huge, panoramic windows of the entire wall size, that can be moved away any time, change our vision of a cosy interior.


Unlike the analogs, with ASS 70.HI system it is possible to install sliding doors not only with two, but also with three guides. Only with a few moves, you can turn your living room or bedroom into the half-open terrace.



  • the maximum area of ​​glazing is up to 9 m2, the weight of one leaf is up to 300 kg (in special version it is up to 400 kg);
  • optional frames with 2 or 3 guides;
  • painting the profile at any color, it is possible to apply different coatings on the inner and outer sides;
  • hidden Schüco e-slide electric drive;
  • increased waterproofing, up to 1050 Pa.


Schüco ASS 70.HI is a sliding system designed to make our life more comfortable. It is able to surprise and delight us every day.