Schüco ASS​ 50​

Schüco’s profile system ASS 50 is designed for the manufacture of sliding and lift-and-slide doors with enhanced thermal insulation and germecity. Thanks to the well-designed profile configuration and high-quality seals, it became possible to provide high waterproofing (up to 1050 Pa) and low thermal conductivity (Uw <1.9 W / (m²K)) without giving extra weight to the structure.


Due to the increased glazing area (up to 9 m2) and narrow frames of Schüco ASS 50 system room is filled with light evenly. It creates the effect of merging the interior with the outside world, which can be even enhanced by opening a wide passage, within several seconds. Thanks to the frame with three guides, the width of the passage can reach 6 meters and more. Massive leaves (up to 400 kg) with a height and width up to 3 meters move silently and easily. it’s hard to believe that a part of the wall can be moved by pressing a button, thanks to Schüco e-slide drive system.


The advantages of the profile system ASS 50:

  • low heat transmission Uw <1.9 W / (m²K), germecity class 9A (up to 1050 Pa);
  • implementation of doors with two or three guides is possible;
  • hidden electric e-slide;
  • remote access, biometric access;
  • maximum leaf size: 3 x 3 m;
  • burglary resistance class: RC 2.


Schüco ASS 50 – is warm, exquisite system with a small apparent width and elegant transoms. The sliding system lets maximum lite in, protecting from cold and heat at the same time. It is a modern and sophisticated alternative to the entrance doors.