Schüco ADS 90 SimplySmart

Schüco ADS 90 SimplySmart is a door system with the best thermal insulation performance, which surpasses modern standards of energy-saving technologies. Designed for installation in buildings with low energy consumption or residential buildings. It is an ideal solution for object construction.


Improved insulation – is the main advantage of it. The number of chambers is increased to 5. There are two extended thermal bridges instead of one. Special seals and gaskets made of foamed polymer exclude the appearance of bridges of cold. Thanks to an innovative configuration, the manufacturer was able to reduce heat transmission to an incredible Uf to 1.0 W / (m²K). The system meets the requirements of the “passive house” standards.


ADS 90 SimplySmart doors have high rigidity due to the additional, medium bowl. You can insert cables, automation or alarm there. The maximum height of a leaf – 3 m.


The Schüco ADS 90 SimplySmart platform is compatible with the SimplySmart ADS 75. Here identical aluminum profiles are used. The same fitting is uses. The difference is only in longer thermal bridges.


Advantages of the Schüco ADS 90 SimplySmar door platform:

  • compliant with the “passive house” standards, heat transmission, Uf is not higher than 1.0 W / (m²K);
  • double medium seal eliminates bridges of cold;
  • door hinges of different types: overhead, roller, hidden;
  • installation of the electric drive and automation Schüco Door Control System;
  • burglary resistance of class RC 3, it is possible to install emergency exit locks;
  • several threshold options: adjustable, solid, automatic flat.


The Schüco door system with a mounting depth of 90 mm is easy to process and reliable. This is an ideal platform, which will satisfy the most demanding requests.