Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart

Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart – is a universal system platform for the production of entrance doors both in residential buildings and in business and shopping centers with busy traffic. This is the most demanded system with an mountain depth of 75 mm. It combines excellent thermal insulation with high strength and rigidity. Designed in the best traditions of Schüco.


The Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart platform will delight both customers and processors. Thanks to the well-thought-out design, the assembly of the doors is noticeably simplified, the percentage of waste is reduced. The main highlight of it – is an additional bowl inside of the profile. It increases the rigidity of the structure and bearing capacity significantly. Built-in grooves for cable management, installation of automatic drive and fitting. The maximum height of the leaf is 3 m. The mass of the movable leaf is up to 200 kg.


Double medium seal, the “hybrid” connection between the thermal bridge and the external metal panel and the improved seals reduced heat transmission to minimum. Uf of the profile does not exceed 1.5 W / (m²K). Reduced height of the frame allows the maximum light to pass through.


Schüco ADS 75 SimplySmart allows you to create the doors, which you want. There is a wide range of style decisions.


Doors can open in or out. Can be single and double, with a solid or adjustable threshold. There is an option to install the Schüco Door Control System automation with the ability to integrate into the “smart home” system.



  • low thermal conductivity, Uf up to 1.5 W / (m²K);
  • high tightness due to medium seal;
  • option to use roller, hidden or overhead hinges is available;
  • installation of automatic drive, integration into the “Smart Home” system;
  • special groove for laying cables;
  • burglary resistance, class RC 2 and RC 3;
  • different options for the threshold, including lowered or on the level of the floor.


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