Schüco ADS 75 HD.HI

Schüco ADS 75 HD.HI (Heavy Duty, High Insulation) is the ideal door for high traffic buildings. It has high rigidity and excellent thermal insulation. The system sets new standards for entrance groups in trade and office centers, cafes and office buildings.


The main feature of the Schüco ADS 75 HD.HI platform is its high rigidity, thanks to which profiles can easily cope with increased static and dynamic workload. Doors can be made larger in size, up to 3 meters high and up to 1.4 m wide. This design looks presentable and at the same time increases the convenience for visitors. Makes access for visitors with carriages for disabled or babies easier.


Reinforced door hinges successfully withstand more than one million opening-closing cycles. Wear resistance was tested according to DIN EN 12400.


And traditionally for the Schüco profile systems,  ADS 75 HD.HI platform looks elegant, fits well into the architecture of different styles, and is combined with the window series of the German manufacturer.


Advantages of Schüco ADS 75 HD.HI:

  • burglary resistance class RC 3;
  • possible to install automatics, Schüco InterLock locking system;
  • flat threshold, hidden loops;
  • installation of the safety lock for an emergency exit is possible;
  • leaf in the same plane as the frame;
  • increased wear resistance; hinges withstand at least 1,000,000 duty cycles.


The Schüco ADS 75 HD.HI system is a contribution to an image that fully justifies itself and even exceeds expectations.


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