Schüco ADS 60

The Schüco ADS 60 system solution is specifically designed for manufacture of entrance groups operated in countries with warm and temperate climates. This is an easy, elegant system. It has high reliability and thin frames. Transmits the maximum sunlight.


Schüco ADS 60 doors are suitable for installation in residential buildings. Can be applied as a main or emergency door in commercial buildings. The system has a small mountain depth, only 60 mm, an affordable price. This is an optimal solution for installation inside of buildings. In business and shopping centers.


Schüco’s ADS 60 profiles are compatible with the Schüco AWS 60 window system. Engineers of the German company offer a ready-made platform for creating facades designed in the same style.


Advantages of the Schüco ADS 60 door system:

  • automatic sealing;
  • compatible with AWS 60 window system;
  • perfect balance of cost and performance;
  • integration with the building management control system;
  • it is possible to manufacture doors with a flat threshold;
  • installation of accessories for an emergency exit is provided;
  • integration with Schüco facade systems.


The ADS 60 platform is the best option for manufacturing doors used inside of business or shopping centers. It is reliable, lightweight, elegant, looks respectable and withstands intensive use.


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