Schüco AWS​ 90​ BS.SI+

Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI + is a super-insulated window system that can turn a building into an unassailable fortress for cold and heat. This is the solution of the future, where energy-saving technologies and environmental care come to the fore. But it is already available today.


Unequalled thermal insulation


Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI + was created in accordance with the requirements of the  “passive house” standards. An increased thermal bridge filled with foam reduces heat transmission to an incredible Uf ≤ 0.8 W / (m²K). In combination with warm double-glazed windows with a thickness of up to 57 mm, this system protects the house from both forty-degree heat and January frosts.



Environment care


Philosophy of Schüco company is –  “made for bigger”. Care for the environment and the creation of innovative solutions for nature conservation come to the fore. The company uses only environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials. Profiles – are made of recycled aluminum. Polyamide bridges, seals and foam are synthesized of castor oil.


Each element of AWS 90 BS.SI + aluminum windows system can be subsequently recycled and reused.


Freedom for architects


The Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI + system solution gives complete freedom to architects. No need to compromise every time. Sacrifice beauty for energy saving or convenience for the sake of reliability. The profile system is suitable for the manufacture of windows up to 2.5 m. The visible frame width is only 117 mm. The elegant transoms are 77 mm. Thanks to the hidden sashes, huge, floor-to-ceiling windows look elegant, visually light and fragile. At the same time, they remain an impassable barrier for cold and heat, wind and damp.


Wide range of different types of opening is available: swing, transom, lift-and-slide, center hung, sliding, bi-fold etc. Installation of Schüco TipTronic automatic drive is possible.


You can get more information or order installation over the phone.