Door Schüco

All products Schüco brand are an example innovative quality, corresponding to highest standards energy efficiency, safety and comfort. Modern construction is limited by rigid requirements to selection door structures, so all contractors try to use only progressive products. Aluminum doors Schüco- most popular variant furnish for front entrances and internal premises. Each door block can be arranged under personal preferences owner room, thanks to use wide range handles and various fittings. Installation such door will provide high degree safety, but most importantly-amazing comfort performance main function! If you install door block Schüco, you’ll forget about its replacement for long time, because all doors this brand have lifetime at least 50 years!

Main advantages Schüco products

Absolute advantage all Schüco doors is low weight at high structural strength. This criterion became main factor wide popularization innovative systems this brand. However, there are some very important advantages that have made Schüco systems almost perfect, than products other brands represented in modern market. This is:

  • Lowest coefficient temperature expansion in comparison with doors from wood or PVC materials (helps to minimize any kinds deformation) and heat losses in comparison with other systems – Uf 0,8​ Вт/(м2 K).
  • Presence “warm” threshold (thermal rate extruded polyamide is provided).
  • Increased protection against burglary (RC2, RC3).
  • Absolute fire safety.
  • Perfect resistance against corrosion.
  • Compliance with standards EcoHouse (passive house).

At purchase, each consumer can save and choose most rational variant doors as systems Schüco are classified on “cold” (simplified doors for internal application in rooms and offices) and “warm” (door blocks for external application) design.