CS 77 profile window system is characterized by maximum comfort and safety. It is designed according to stringent European standards and is suitable for all types construction. Windows ConceptSistem 77 series have high thermal insulation, durability and reliability. Thanks to wide possibilities design, they are suitable for variety architectural styles.

Unique performance thermo-insulated system ensured its maximum efficiency in combination with two-chamber double-glazed windows. When using CS 77, thermal insulation indicator is reduced to 1.6 w/m² for standard window opening. In addition, it possesses following technical characteristics:

  • Moisture and air impermeability;
  • High degree sound insulation;
  • Possibility to manufacture bulletproof and refractory variations;
  • 2 and 3 level protection against hacking depending on modification.

CS 77 window system was awarded prestigious swiss Minergie certificate for optimum safety and comfort. Manufacturer provides variety solutions for windows all types outdoor and indoor opening methods. In addition to standard windows, Reynaers CS 77 is used for manufacture window with concealed shutters and medium-horizontal and vertical. Width turning-folding and medium-weight products can be up to 220 mm, and height up to 240 mm.

Available to order 3 types design:

  • Hidden shutter;
  • Renaissance;
  • Functional.

Separately note advantages possibility combining window profile ConceptSistem 77 with door system same series, as well as sliding systems CP 130/155 and ventilation Ventalis. Ultimate versatility makes products suitable for all types construction work, which requires high safety. Color windows can be selected from RAL palette, as well as application decorative coating that simulates different structures, such as natural wood.