SlimPatio 68

Sliding systems from Reynaers changed concept comfort and completely transformed appearance modern buildings. SlimPatio 68 is an affordable and optimally suitable solution for objects where there is no need for maximum heat preservation. Insulated aluminum system is an excellent example combination elegance, comfort and reliability. Ultra-thin profile provides an amazing panoramic view and access to natural lighting. It is worthy alternative to rotary and swivel doors, which meets all highest performance characteristics.

SP 68 sliding system has all advantages aluminum structures:

  • Meets high standards thermal insulation;
  • Reliably protects against all manifestations bad weather;
  • Elegant profile design;
  • Withstands glass pack weighing up to 160 kg and size 1.5 x 2.5 m.

Slim profile and concealed frame make structure almost imperceptible. It guarantees maximum penetration sunlight into room. SlimPatio 68 sliding system offers unlimited freedom design. It is ideal for winter garden arrangement, balcony glazing, terraces and verandas, backyard country house.

Design is available with several opening options:

  • Classical sliding;
  • Parallel-sliding;
  • Lifting and sliding.

Polymer thermal rupture prevents heat loss, so microclimate inside room always remains comfortable. Thanks to high-quality seals, penetration cold or hot air from street side is prevented.

Innovative profile system SP 68 erases boundaries between outside world and inner space house. Each time opening or closing sliding elements design owners will be satisfied with faultless work each mechanism.