For aesthetic panoramic glazing is recommended to choose reliable material that will create solid and safe translucent design. Hi-Finity series sliding system is good choice for those who want to achieve harmonious performance and external aesthetics. It expands boundaries space, providing a new level comfort. System is high-strength ultra-thin profile rigid and indestructible aluminum, which is framed by specially prepared glass. First-class material is able to withstand large-size glass pack weighing up to 500 kg, and therefore can be successfully used in construction projects any complexity.

“Reynaers” Sliding system allows erasing boundaries between outer and inner space completely. Thanks to achieved ideal combination fineness and strength aluminum profile, it seems that walls are created only from glass. Maximum level daytime illumination, as well as high thermal insulation parameters structure makes room extremely convenient for work and rest.

Hi-Finity system is suitable for connoisseur’s brevity and minimalism. With external simplicity, it remains extremely functional:

  • Suitable for installation single and double-chamber glass units;
  • Equipped with special teflon-coated rollers, which provide noiseless sliding shutters weighing half ton;
  • Several opening options are possible: with 2 or 3 guides, closing in center, combining from 2 to 6 shutters;
  • Corresponds to 2nd Class burglary protection.

For greater ease use, it is possible to install an automatic electric drive, through which opening is made by pressing single button.

Transparent glass door from floor to ceiling emphasize nobility interior. In its thermal insulation will not have to doubt: manufacturer guarantees dense fit sash to profile, due to which achieved excellent tightness. This product will be best solution for creating energy efficient architectural objects.