Aluminum sliding system CP 155 (-LS) from company Reynaers is recommended by manufacturer for large-scale glazing. It is suitable for organization lifting-sliding and sliding doors oversized sizes, and justifies high requirements to comfort and indicators thermal insulation. Its designs are compatible with CS 86 system, and modification with one guide has been awarded honorary award –swiss Minergie certificate for energy-passive materials.

First-Class CP 155 (-Life Slide) is designed to create doors:

  • Weighing up to 400 kg;
  • With thickness glass to 52 mm;
  • With maximum area 12 m² sash.

Manufacturer offers Consept Patio 155 system with different opening variations:

  • Sliding-both shutters move on guides;
  • Lifting and sliding-one sash drives for another.

Both variants provide possibility installation electric drive, at expense which opening and closing will be carried out automatically, silently and smoothly.

Due to dense fit sash and its lowering after closing mechanism for 5-7 cm, high energy efficiency indicators have been achieved. Use sliding system this series allows to provide exceptional thermal insulation, as well as flawless view building both inside and outside. For maximum usability, low-threshold options are available to facilitate access to room.

Sliding system CP 155 (-LS), as well as other designs from “Reynaers”, is characterized by high level protection against burglary. Its reliability and durability as well as excellent heat-insulating properties are noted. For all kinds production manufacturer gives guarantee not less than 10 years. At customer’s request, aluminum profile can be painted with powder coating method in any color according to RAL catalogue to look harmoniously with general interior style.