Durable and secure structures can be created only with the use of high-quality materials. The thermally insulated Concept Patio 130 lift-and-slide and sliding door system from Reynaers meets all the safety, comfort and thermal insulation requirements. It is recommended to be used in regions with a wide temperature range: from -40 to +50 degrees. CP 130 ideally matches CS 77 windows and doors, which allows to create highly robust and aesthetic designs of any purpose.

The energy efficiency of the profile aluminium system is achieved due to the following factors:

  • possibility to install glass units up to 43 mm thick;
  • availability of a thermostat that prevents the profile from cooling and heating, which minimizes heat losses;
  • elastic seals, installed at the trim contact points, ensure ultimate air-tightness and protection against cold air.

Concept Patio 130 looks elegant and fragile due to its thin profile. However, it is robust enough and can withstand the load of leaves weighing up to 300 kg without the slightest deformation. The use of German fittings guarantees silent and smooth movement of all movable structural elements.

CP 130 sliding system is suitable for the implementation of the most complex architectural ideas. It complies with the standard security requirements (burglar protection class 2). The low threshold, several opening options, the possibility of angular closing allow to create a structure that will be easy to use, reduce the energy consumption of the building and will last for many years, preserving its original geometric shape throughout the entire service life. The profile system of this series is indispensable for panoramic glazing and creation of translucent facades for private houses and industrial premises.