For maximum integration outer and inner space, folding system “harmonica” type is ideal. Belgian company Reynaers has developed unique aluminum design Concept Folding 77, possibilities which can make any architectural structure comfortable for life. Manufacturer offers functional system for panoramic glazing verandas, terraces, balconies and other objects for work and rest. It successfully combines high reliability, heat-insulating qualities and aesthetic appearance.

CF 77 Folding system can combine from 2 to 8 shutters. One its main advantages are the ability to simultaneously open openings up to 8 m in length without slightest damage to inner space. There are 2 ways opening: internal and external. All elements compact structure is folded at closing, and internal space is used extremely rationally.

Aluminum system this series is ideal for cold and warm glazing. It has number obvious advantages:

  • Reinforced sound insulation all elements;
  • Equipping with additional locks with anti-burglar protection;
  • Matte or transparent shutters to customer’s choice;
  • Suitable for double glazing with width up to 63 mm.

Versatility CF 77 system allows it to be used for organization standard and nonstandard doorways, as well as for installation internal partitions in room. If construction is provided as an entrance door, only one working shutter is given in motion, and rest is reliably fixed in stationary condition.

CF 77 system is offered with 3 type’s thresholds:

  • Low to facilitate passability;
  • High for better preservation heat;
  • Rising, which unites qualities aforementioned.

For connoisseurs aesthetics, manufacturer offers profile Concept Folding 77 in style Slim Line. It is characterized by subtlety and aesthetics in form of finished construction.