Sliding Systems Reynaers

Modern architecture creates impossible, destroying all possible stereotypes. Maximum integration interior with environment, open spaces where thick walls replaced light, graceful partitions metal and glass, maximum natural light with ability to enjoy starry sky or panoramas city directly from your favorite couch. All this is possible with maximum energy saving. Yes, today it is much easier to optimize working and living space thanks to sliding systems Reynaers.


Sliding doors and windows Reynaers- universal solution for homes and commercial objects. Depending on wishes, automatic or manual opening, designs with one, two or three guides, doors sliding into wall are available. Folding harmonics allow creating huge open zones, freeing apertures in width to 10 meters and more.


Variations and differences sliding doors and windows Reynaers

Classic sliding door with one guide

In such design one or two shutters are deaf and one or two are movable, which in an open condition move behind motionless. This design looks minimalistic and elegant. Optionally, when opening a movable element can hide inside wall.


Sliding door with two guide rails

Construction consists several movable shutters, which are shifted one after another when opening.

Sliding system with two or three guide rails

Each leaf is set on separate flight. At opening all movable elements add up to width one sash, freeing wide aperture.

Lifting and sliding doors

In contrast to classical sliding system in closed position shutter is lowered on 5-6 mm and densely pressed to frame. Result-simple control, ease use sliding construction, tightness, heat insulation, high protection against burglary as at rotary doors.


This door consists several movable segments, which at opening are folded by principle blinds. In closed position it is an impregnable wall for cold, heat, wind, drafts. But If you want it can be removed, completely freeing large opening, entire width structure.


Aluminum sliding systems: maximum convenience

Aluminum profiles are rigid, are distinguished by simple processing, allow producing constructions with enlarged area glazing. Aluminum systems withstand large wind, static loads, do not require complex maintenance. Choice different filling options (monocle, conventional, shock-resistant, energy-saving glass).

Aluminum sliding systems: such graceful and unique

Thin visible frames, high glazing area, noble metal texture-sliding aluminum systems look elegant and modern. Want to stand out? Profiles can be painted in any color powder paint, apply coating Coatex, laminated under wood or natural stone. In this case, color, texture outside and inside may differ. We will harmoniously write design into architecture house.