For many years facade systems from Reynaers choose for glazing verandas private houses, shopping centers, and office buildings. For installation on high-rise construction sites consumers express great confidence to highest performance characteristics aluminum profile CW 68. It is an insulated system, which is maximally energy efficient and guarantees comfortable microclimate indoors regardless external air temperature at any time year.

One weighty advantage this facade system is speed its installation. It is 2-3 times faster than standard panel installation process. This possibility is provided due to manufacture facades Curtain Wall 86 in shop and operative delivery already finished construction on construction site.

Choosing CW 68 system for facade glazing, it is possible to achieve most harmonious unification comfort, reliability and spaciousness. Manufacturer offered 2 options for installation double glazing:

  • Cassette CG – fixation is made by special fastenings connecting glass and aluminum profile;
  • Structural SG-elements are connected by sealant, therefore joints between them are not visible and on outside visual effect smooth glass wall is created.

Facades Curtain Wall 86 provide integration other window and door systems from Reynaers. It allows to create really reliable long-lasting and maximally convenient in operation designs. All components can be matched to individual requirements. Manufacturer has foreseen possibility using facade systems CW 86 in difficult conditions, offering unique drainage solutions for drainage moisture and guaranteeing increased water and air-tight ability. They will be an excellent protection against unstable weather conditions, strong wind load and temperature fluctuations even at high altitudes.