CW 65-EF

For aesthetic and reliable glazing high-rise buildings are used facade systems, which are highly durable, resistant and bearing capacity. Aluminum profile CW 65-EF combined high performance and fits perfectly into modern architectural trends, allowing implementing projects with non-standard geometry. Optimized facade system from Belgian company Reynaers complies with rigid building codes, is easy to assemble and from aesthetic point view glass facade looks much more attractive faceless concrete structures.

Curtain Wall 65-EF facades are chosen for warm glazing. Aluminum system has high energy-saving properties and is intended for installation two-chamber glass units in thickness up to 63 mm. In addition, manufacturer offers 2 versions facade glazing CW 65-EF:

  • Structural-glass pack is glued with special sealant, due to which exterior building creates visual effect solid glass wall;
  • Cassette-glass is fixed with the help standard fixates-shutters.

Functional potential modern facades have been significantly extended due to possibility automatic drive installation for upper and parallel folding windows. This greatly simplifies process operation structure.

Thickness aluminum profile in CW 65-EF is only 65 mm. However, finished system has necessary rigidity and is considered extremely strong. Size one leaf structure can be up to 6 m².

It is worth mentioning preparation panels for installation. All elements structure is made under certain object and is collected beforehand. Facade system is delivered to construction site already ready for quick installation. With its help, work on most complex objects requires less time and power costs.