For panoramic glazing from floor to ceiling material which is not afraid high loadings and will withstand heavy double-glazed windows without slightest deformation is necessary. Company Reynaers offers for these purposes to use thermo-insulated stop-rigel system CurtainWall 60. This variant is ideally suited for device curved and inclined facades, and reinforced profile can withstand 2xchamber glass inserts weighing up to 450 kg regardless their shape.

CW 60 is an aluminum system for warm glazing, so it has high insulation rates heat and noise, as well as high resistance to wind loads. This allows achieving maximum light permeability, to open view surrounding nature and to keep warmth, silence and coziness inside building. At same time both inside and outside design will look aesthetically pleasing and stylish.

Manufacturer has provided 4 design variations external profile design, which is combined with utmost accuracy with other systems “Reynaers”. Due to this, aluminum facade systems CurtainWall 60 are chosen for embodiment most original architectural ideas, which are advanced requirements reliability, strength and safety.

Type opening hidden shutters can be chosen according to individual preferences. Company Reynaers offers several options movement mechanism:

  • Rotary;
  • Swivel-folding;
  • Slide;
  • Sliding.

Under condition professional installation profile system its term service will be not less than 80 years. It is suitable for creating glass facades residential and industrial buildings, translucent showcases and huge windows in cafes, as well as for dozens other objects, regardless their geometry and complexity. Facade system CW60 combines elegance and rationalism, than deserved high confidence consumers.