In the modern market, aluminium façades from Reynaers hold a leading position in sales. This is a unique material that allows you to hide external imperfections of the building and give it a presentable look with minimal time and financial costs. CurtainWall 50 mullion and transom façade system expands the possibilities of architectural creativity and is ideal for passive buildings. It is resistant to the negative impact of environmental factors and allows you to create structures of any shape and design.

Façade aluminium systems CW 50 are presented in a line of 10 modifications. This allows you to individually select a solution, which will be suitable for a specific construction project in terms of performance and aesthetic qualities. They are widely used for the construction of translucent façades and roofs with different opening mechanisms.

The manufacturer offers 3 structural glazing options, providing for the fixation of glass units with internal clamp profiles or a heavy-duty sealant. This ensures the creation of the all-glass outer surface of the building façade. Due to the thinner trims used in CW 50-SL, the structure is visually light yet able to withstand high loads. With the use of CW 50-HL, the façade can be visually extended with an external decorative profile.

Like any aluminium system from Reynaers, CurtainWall 50 is characterized with:

  • enhanced energy-saving properties;
  • improved bearing capacity;
  • ultimate tightness;
  • increased thermal insulation.

It is designed for the installation of double-chamber glass units, including fireproof and bulletproof ones. Subject to the manufacturing and installation technology, the highly robust aluminium structure will last at least half a century. Installation of CW 50 façade system is a good solution to improve the appearance of any architectural object.