Facades Reynaers

Design facade building directly influences perception whole building and its appearance. But technologies develop and modern facade systems are obliged to be not only beautiful, but also to extend functionality, to improve conditions for living and work indoors.

Most stringent requirements correspond to translucent facade systems Reynaers. They pass lot light, thus conserve energy, safe, withstand significant static and shock loads. You can order installation aluminum facade in company Reynaers Aluminum. We will manufacture any size design. We give guarantee 10 years.

Aluminum facades-as way to make building modern

Facades Reynaers are manufactured in accordance with strict building standards European Union and in many respects (by structural strength, thermal insulation properties) surpass them. But main advantage-they are able to completely transform appearance building, make it visually light, graceful.

Modern technology

Company Reynaers Aluminum sets stop-and-block, structural and semi-structural facades. Modular facade systems Element Facades (EF) are ideal for glazing high-rise buildings, trade and office centers. Whole construction is made according to project in advance, in factory conditions, thanks to which accelerated installation on place is provided.

Aluminum facades Reynaers successfully cope with wind loads. Designed in such a way as to eliminate loss glass in case blows or, for example, fall on them man.

Last argument in favor facades Belgian manufacturer-maximum energy efficiency. Systems meet standards buildings with low power consumption; allow maintaining optimum microclimate in premises with minimum expenses on heating, air conditioning.

Unique solutions for your building

Reynaers system solutions are fully compatible. Swivel and sliding doors, windows, sun protection systems are organically integrated into translucent facades.

We offer hundreds different colors and decorative coatings, lining different shapes to give facade individuality. Coatex coverage is available with increased protection against burnout and scratches.

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