SlimLine 38

In modern architecture lot attention is paid to structures that can allow maximum daylight in room. Company Reynaers constantly improves production, offering private individuals and enterprises unique systems for embodiment unusual architectural ideas. Doors SlimLine 38 series are unique development manufacturer, combining elegant features, high reliability and impeccable quality. Use products presented in series is guarantee highest comfort and safety.

Window-door system SlimLine 38 is distinguished by ultra-thin profile high-strength steel. It meets requirements fashion design trends in industrial and urban construction. Windows and doors this series have internal and external type shutters opening, they look elegantly and successfully complement interior. In addition, through them inside room maximum daylight, providing excellent natural light.

High insulating properties doors are separately marked. They do not release heat, noticeably reducing level energy consumption room. Profile system does not prevent air circulation. Another advantage- profile is suitable for painting on catalog RAL, due to which it can be used in embodiment any interior solutions.

First impression house is folded when looking at door. SlimLine 38 system is made durable material with high levels moisture, wind and air impermeability. Equipping with high-quality fittings ensures tight fit shutters, as well as good protection against intruders. Doors from Reynaers look solid and possess all necessary operational characteristics for comfortable warm and cold glazing. They are in demand for improvement private facilities and are made for reconstruction industrial buildings. In any use case, profile system works smoothly.