Products Raenaers regularly undergo an update, which improves all its characteristics. Today, manufacturer offers consumers ES 50 door system with improved thermal insulation performance. It combines most important criteria choice: high level energy saving, elegance design decisions and affordable cost. It is applicable for organization doors both external and internal type opening. Due to ideal compatibility door system Eco System with window, you can achieve flawless appearance room and make it as comfortable as possible.

To create an innovative insulated door system ES 50 was carried out colossal work. Thermo-bridge which connected external and internal profiles has undergone to changes. Previously, it consisted polyamide with empty cameras. Today, XPS insert is used as filling material.

One more embedded update: glass unit is placed closer to center thermostat. Due to this improvement heat engineering structure is achieved. In addition, overall tightness has increased co-extruded fiberglass seal. Combining these features allowed creating profile system that provides maximum comfort indoors.

ES 50 door system looks great externally and is convenient for permanent use. In terms security, it has been given compliance with 2-class burglary protection requirements. Provides maximum degree breathability and is not afraid impact moisture, keeping it securely outside outer limits. Profile systems from Reynaers are characterized by durability and are suitable for installation both in energy-passive buildings and in buildings with high level energy consumption.