Reynaers products are regularly updated, which results in improvement of all the product characteristics. Today, the manufacturer offers consumers ES 50 door system with improved thermal insulation performance. It combines the most important selection criteria: high energy efficiency, elegant design solutions and moderate cost. The system is applicable for arrangement of both outward and inward opening doors. A flawless aesthetics appearance of the room and its maximum comfort are achieved with Eco System, perfectly matching the window system.

An enormous amount of work has been done to create the innovative thermally insulated ES 50 door system. The thermal break between the outer and inner profiles has undergone changes. It previously consisted of polyamide with empty chambers. Today, the intermediate space if filled with XPS.

Another implemented update: the glass unit is positioned closer to the centre of thermostat. This results in improvement of thermal technology of the system. Moreover, the co-extruded glass gasket increased overall air-tightness. The combination of these design features made it possible to create a profile system that provides maximum comfort indoors.

ES 50 door system looks great and is comfortable for permanent use. In terms of security, it complies with burglar resistance class 2. It ensures maximum air-tightness and is water-tight, securely keeping any moisture outside. Reynaers profile systems are characterized with durability and can be installed both in passive and energy intensive buildings.