ES 45Pa

Professional construction experts choose reliable and cost-efficient materials for interior space furnishing. These also include ES 45Pa doors. The Belgian company Reynaers has produced a non-insulated profile system that is ideal for creating structures for multiple interior design concepts. This is the most cost-efficient design without a thermal break, for which a 10-year guarantee is offered, as with all Reynaers products.

ES 45Pa door system has been designed to combine high technical performance, attractive appearance and moderate cost. As compared to other profile systems, this option is the most optimal in terms of the minimum building depth. This material is recommended for application in interior aluminium structures for buildings.

The material of Eco System 45Pa has excellent technical characteristics:

  • air tightness;
  • water tightness;
  • wind load resistance;
  • burglar resistance class 2;
  • numerous combinations of elements.

The efficient door system of this series perfectly matches the windows of the same system. This allows to use them jointly in various types of construction projects. The material is suitable for inward and outward opening of single and double leaf doors and complies with the world quality standards. It meets all the consumers’ requirements put forward for structures to be used in high humidity conditions. An obvious advantage is the minimum price of the profile system, which is ensured through the absence of polyamide gaskets providing a thermal break in designs of other series. This material is easy to work with and it ensures a really worthy appearance of the final structure.