SlimPatio 68: Reynaers perfect aluminum sliding system with slim profile
SlimPatio 68

This sliding system provides a panoramic view due to its 36-mm sightlines with the SlimPatio 68 feel and flush design offered by a concealed frame.

The Reynaers SlimPatio 68 is a highly insulated system that features slim profiles, a concealed frame and feels very comfortable and elegant. The construction allows for an optimal view and maximum natural light. The perfect performance is guaranteed by its innovative technologies which provide water and wind tightness, thermal insulation and freedom of designer uses.

The system meets the highest standards of contemporary living spaces offering great brightness and perfect comfort.

Uf value of frame (≥): 2.4 W/(m²·K)
Wind load resistance: B3 (1200 Pa)
Watertightness: 7A (300 Pa)
Air permeability: 3 (600 Pa)
Max. vent weight: 250 kg
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness: 24...36 mm
Burglar resistance: RC2/WK2
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