Concept Folding 77: The Ultimate Aluminum Folding System by Reynaers - A Perfect Blend of Form and Function.
Concept Folding 77

This is a standalone folding system with a large variety of configurations, symmetrical design, inward and outward opening options which use the same accessories and profiles.

The Reynaers Concept Folding 77 combines maximal aesthetics and transparency with high insulation and comfort levels. It reduces space usage by offering different opening types to meet all requirements. It can feature a mandoor principle where the first leaf serves as an entrance door and other leaves function separately.

The system is available in 4 threshold variants featuring low, high, medium and flush thresholds to match all the comfort requirements. The construction can be perfectly combined with the CS systems developed for curtain walls or custom doors and windows.

Uf value of frame (≥): 2.25 W/(m²·K)
Wind load resistance: B3 (1200 Pa)
Watertightness: 9A (600 Pa)
Air permeability: 4 (600 Pa)
Max. vent weight: 120 kg
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness: 6...63 mm
Burglar resistance: RC2/WK2
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