REYNAERS - Belgian sliding door systems in Poland
Sliding Systems Reynaers

This Belgian company manufacturing and supplying the top-quality aluminum sliding systems to its clients all over the world was set up in 1965. Since then, it has turned into a powerful construction systems developer with state-of-the-art designs and a lot of technological innovations they are always searching for.

The aluminum sliding systems from Reynaers provide the stunning aesthetics and reliable performance. These technically advanced solutions are perfect when you want to get more than a view from your room but widen your horizons with amazing flexibility, practicality, freedom of design, and living in style.

Concept Folding 77
Concept Folding 68
CP 155 (-LS)
CP 130
SlimPatio 68
Advantages That Never Let Down

The aluminum sliding systems from Reynaers have numerous advantages all customers enjoy and appreciate very much. They are:

  • different energy levels;
  • multiple design features;
  • effortless lift-and-slide mechanisms;
  • the highest standards of performance and durability;
  • the best-quality materials and craftsmanship;
  • double and triple-track systems to comply with any design configuration;
  • easy installation, application, and maintenance;
  • cost-efficiency and affordability;
  • a variety of colors and finishes.

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