CW 65-EF - alumglass
CW 65-EF

This is a Concept Wall entitled ‘Element Facade’ with a slimline design and minimal number of joints between glass panes and glazing beads, providing resistance towards wind, water and unfavourable weather conditions.

The Reynaers CW 65-EF is a unitized facade system which offers maximum transparency, extreme strength and stability which are highly appreciated in high-rise constructions.

All the elements of the structure are pre-assembled which allows for high-speed mounting on building sites. Simultaneously, the system offers thin profiles of just 65 mm with different insulation levels and possibility to integrate triple glazing. The structure provides two variants for glazing – a functional variant with glazing beads and the structural sealed glazing with the sole glass surface on the building’s outside part.

Uf value of frame (≥): 2,54 W/(m²·K)
Face width of frame: 35 mm
Watertightness: RE 1200
Air permeability: AE 700 (700 Pa)
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness: 4...36 mm
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