MB TT50 - alumglass

This is a modern curtain wall system with the stunning functionality and effectiveness characteristics, exceptional thermal insulation and weather resistance performance achieved by the 3-zone cascade drainage and a special kind of ventilation.

The Aluprof MB TT50 features an innovative construction for the most convenient installation and maintenance, fire and burglary resistance, and transom-transom construction options. It allows for glazing of up to 56 mm, heavy leaves and glazing panels, and a good fit for windows and doors of different types and purposes – from concealed vents and parallel windows to roof vents.

The system is reinforced with a set of gaskets which enhances the protection against the most unfavourable weather conditions. It meets all the CE marking and architectural requirements.

Uf value of frame (≥): 0,5 W/(m²·K)
Wind load resistance: 2700Pa, EN 12179:2004, EN 13116:2004
Watertightness: Class RE 1800Pa, EN 12155:2004; EN 12154:2004
Air permeability: Class AE 1350Pa, EN 12153:2004; EN 12152:2004
Max. vent weight: 600 kg
Mullions depth: 65...245 mm
Transom depth: 64...244 mm
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