MB SR60N HI - alumglass

This is a brand new facade system which is developed for infill walls, flat curtain walls and other similar lightweight cladding structures which allows for flush installation of transoms and mullions on the external surfaces.

The Aluprof MB SR60N HI has a lot of advantages which involve the freedom of spatial arrangement, great technical characteristics, and a large choice of openable elements that can be used in the facade.The version includes special thermal breaks for the improved thermal insulation. 

A lot of architects and designers appreciate this facade system for its extensive range of profile and accessories to be used in the most daring aluminum-glass designs.

Transom depth: 49.5 ... 249.5 mm
Wind load resistance: EN 13116
Watertightness: do RE 1500, EN 12154
Air permeability: do AE 1350, EN 12152
Max. vent weight: 1100 kg
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness: 4...72 mm
Mullions depth: 65 ... 325 mm
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