MB SR50N HI - alumglass

This is a modified version of MB SR50N with the stunning thermal insulation properties designed for light-weight curtain walls, skylights, roofs, and other structures with a great choice of transom and mullion profiles and special two-component insulators.

The Aluprof MB SR50N HI is a facade system which is very easy to install due to its design, flexible materials and diverse slim profiles. The structure works perfectly  for different types of infills, such as large-dimension glazing or two-chamber glazing units for still more insulation.

Though the enhanced insulation is one of the most important characteristics of this facade system, it also has other perfect features to mention – it looks great and very modern on different types of buildings – from residential to commercial ones.



Uf value of frame (≥): 0,85 W/(m²·K)
Wind load resistance: EN 13116
Watertightness: RE 1500,EN 12154
Air permeability: AE 1200, EN 12152
Mullions depth: 50...325 mm
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness: 24...52 mm
Transom depth: 5...89.5 mm
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