ALUPROF - high-quality aluminum facade glazing systems in Poland
Facades Aluprof

Brand-new facade systems from Aluprof are well-known and recognized by many designers, engineers, and builders/ This Polish company, that has become a European leader in facade structures development, was founded at the beginning of the 20th century. Initially, it produced metal items and then in 1961, it started manufacturing aluminum constructions for private houses and official buildings. It is a part of the Grupa Kety SA Capital Group now and continues to introduce innovations into its manufacturing processes.

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Benefits of Facades from Aluprof That Stand Out

Aluminum and glass facades from Aluprof make up the best solution for construction and renovation of both homes and offices. They have a lot of impeccable benefits we want to highlight here. They are:

  • a perfect stylish look for buildings of a new generation;
  • a variety of designs, sizes, and appearances, including a bunch of individual solutions;
  • tightness and thermal insulation;
  • easy installation and maintenance techniques;
  • energy efficiency in passive buildings;
  • fire resistance;
  • meeting the strictest international technical criteria;
  • smooth and flawless performance and durability;
  • eco-friendliness  and sustainability.

Facades from Aluprof make up a new step in the development of construction structures. They deserve close attention on part of all construction contractors and designers. The future belongs to such structures and they are becoming more and more popular around the world.

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