Schüco FWS 60 SG - all-glass façade solution
Schüco FWS 60 SG

This is an elegant all-glass facade for passive houses and large constructions allowing for double or even triple glazing, combining high quality and cutting-edge technology.

The Schuco FW 60+ SG allows for complete transparency and high thermal insulation. It features a flush-fitted all-glass look complemented with slender joints and very low Uew values. The system also fits a semi-structural glazing look.

The variety of insert units within the system seamlessly matches any appearance of the all-glass facades. The units are operated either manually or with the Schuco TipTronic option for outward-opening and parallel-opening windows.

Uf value of frame (≥): 0,9 W/(m²·K)
Wind load resistance: 650 kg
Watertightness: 32...64 mm
Air permeability: Up to RC 2
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