AD UP 75 BL - alumglass

This is a highly flexible door system with the basic 75 mm depth for stable and seamless use.

The Schuco AD UP 75 BL (standing for ‘Basic Line’) door system is quite beneficial for developers and architects because it provides enhanced durability and stability, perfect design, freedom, functionality, and easy installation.

The item features the triple-shell profile with a double-insulation level. There are also two gasket levels for better weathertightness characteristics.

The clamping anchor technology allows for better adjustment options boosted by the convenient side-hung feature, an aluminum composite threshold with concealed fixing and structurally optimized sealing.

Uf value of frame (≥): 1.9 W/(m²·K)
Wind load resistance: Class C2 / B2
Watertightness: Class 5A​
Air permeability: Class 3
Max. vent weight: 200 kg
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness: 13...53 mm
Burglar resistance: Up to RC 2
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