CS 77 - alumglass
CS 77

The item features perfect acoustic performance and thermal insulation together with wind load and burglar resistance, air and water tightness as well as high energy efficiency levels.

The Reynaers CS 77 is a Concept System optimised for safety and comfortable use. It is a high-quality flush door with the highest levels of stability and security. The latter is ensured by a specific design for burglar and fire resistance, efficient solutions for panic situations and bullet proof meeting the strictest European standards.

The system is available in outward and inward opening variants, with a wide range of door locks to meet all possible demands. The doors provide different threshold solutions for the maximum comfort and perfect aesthetic look. Specifically designed insulation strips ensure the tightness and allow for avoiding possible bending caused by temperature differences.

Uf value of frame (≥): 2,1 W/(m²K)
Wind load resistance: C2 (800 Pa)
Watertightness: 7A (300 Pa)
Air permeability: 4 (600 Pa)
Max. vent weight: 250 kg
Min.-max. glass/panel thickness: 4...52 mm
Burglar resistance: RC2/WK2,RC3/WK3
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