ETEM E68 – one most advanced aluminum profile systems on market. It was presented in 1916 and absorbed all latest achievements in field window industry. Successfully passes independent tests, meets requirements energy efficient construction, and in many respects them are superior.

E68 – it is seasoned, elegant design, straight lines. Despite its solidity, finished translucent structures look elegant due to small visible width system. Enlarged thermal bridge (32 mm) provides low heat transfer. Profiles are created for temperate and temperate continental climate, protect from heat in summer, frost in winter.

Mounting depth-68 mm. maximum thickness glass unit is 48 mm. There are several options for energy efficiency with Uf heat transfer:

  • STANDARD – 1,9W/m2.K;
  • STANDARD + – 1,8W/m2.K;
  • HIGH – 1,7W/m2.K;
  • HIGH + – 1,6W/m2.K.

Moisture protection class Е1500.

Class air resistance 4.