Windows Etem

Windows- kind barrier that allows you to observe surrounding space and protect room from adverse weather conditions. Through massive glass in house penetrates sunlight, they are not afraid neither moisture nor wind. Basis reliable and durable design can serve exceptionally high-quality profile system, able to withstand heavy loads and not spoil aesthetics interior. Aluminum windows Etem for more than 30 years help to realize architectural projects any complexity in countries Europe, having won trust most exacting consumers. They are suitable for glazing objects different purpose: country houses, cottages, shopping and office centers, art galleries and other buildings.

Modern, convenient, practical

Etem company is part powerful industrial group, which occupies leading position in production ferrous and nonferrous metal products. Greek manufacturer specializes in specialized systems made aluminum. Products are oriented to markets western and eastern Europe-here from factories located in Greece and Bulgaria export more than 70% all rolled goods.

Etem windows are perfect combination high quality, thoughtful design and new technologies. They are supplied in various configurations, which allow you to choose best option for different temperature zones. Due to obvious advantages profile structures, they can be called multifunctional. Installation window system gives possibility:

  • keep warm indoors in winter;
  • in summer to provide cool in rooms, which reduces cost air conditioning;
  • ensure full water resistance windows due to reliable drainage system.

No home in advanced European countries can be imagined without modern windows made durable and high quality aluminum. Easy installation, affordable price, maximum energy efficiency is obvious advantages company’s products.

Etem window systems – choice in favor quality

Appearance aluminum profiles harmonize with any architectural solutions. Frame and sash manufacturer offers in various design options:

  • rounded;
  • direct;
  • concave.

Window system can be decorated by method powder coloring in shades presented in catalogue RAL, or its surface can imitate structure natural tree. It is suitable for creation hinged, folding, sliding and stationary structures, which will differ attractive appearance and long period flawless operation.