For many years, Reynaers façade systems have been chosen to glaze verandas of private houses, shopping centres and office buildings. Consumers express great confidence in high performance of CW 68 aluminium profile, which they use for installation on high-rise buildings. It is an isolated system that is characterized with maximum energy efficiency and guarantees a comfortable indoor climate regardless of the outside air temperature at any time of the year.

One of the significant advantages of this façade system is its fast installation. It is installed 2-3 times faster as compared to standard panels. This is ensured due to the production of Curtain Wall 86 façades in the workshop and prompt delivery of the pre-fabricated structure to the construction site.

Choosing the CW 68 system for façade glazing will help you achieve the most harmonious combination of comfort, security and spaciousness. The manufacturer offers 2 glass unit installation options:

  • cassette CG – fixation is made with special fasteners, which connect glass and aluminium profile;
  • structural SG – the elements are connected with a sealant, so the joints between them are not visible and the visual effect of a smooth glass wall is created from the outside.

Curtain Wall 86 façades allow for the integration of other Reynaers window and door systems. This allows you to create truly reliable, durable and most convenient structures. All components can be selected to suit individual requirements. The manufacturer has provided for the possibility to use CW 86 façade systems under complex conditions, offering unique drainage solutions to remove moisture and guaranteeing increased water- and air-tightness. They will ensure excellent protection against unstable weather conditions, strong wind loads and temperature changes even at high altitudes.