Universal facade system for glazing objects various scales, from small private cottages to sports complexes, shopping, high-rise office centers. Fully compatible with ETEM window and door series. Can be completed with one or two-chamber double glazing. Suitable for construction translucent canopies and anti-aircraft lanterns.

It is structural system with thin profiles, width only 50 mm. Facade creates an effect whole glazing, passes inside even more sunlight.


  • fast installation, high accuracy fitting due to production construction in factory conditions;
  • large selection modifications, system can be adapted to specific project;
  • installation decorative linings is possible;
  • low heat transfer Uf = 1,6 W/m2.K;
  • noise reduction up to 44 Db;
  • hydro insulation class RE 900;
  • high wind resistance, up to 2400 Pa.

You can get more information on system by phone or in office our company.