Facade Etem

Etem company occupies position leader in sphere design and manufacture aluminum profile systems. Its products from factories Bulgaria and Greece are imported to more than 20 countries, and in European market it is recognized as model high quality. Etem glass facades are like for all types buildings and can be adapted to the most complex projects. Glass and aluminum finishes instantly transform look an office or shopping center, hotel or administrative institution, openly declaring their respectability and success.

Advantages glazed facades

Modern technology glazing allows embodying in life most extraordinary architectural ideas. Etem aluminum facade systems have all the necessary characteristics for full or partial replacement exterior walls building. Use reliable profile from light but withstanding high loads metal and durable double glazing ensures durability construction as well as high energy efficiency and sound insulation. Outside, structure will look presentable and aesthetically pleasing, and inside rooms remain maximum natural light.

Trading complexes and business centers under construction today cannot be imagined without glass facade. Technology is in demand not only because ability to instantly improve any building externally, but also because possession numbers other advantages:

  • double-glazed windows protect from hurricane winds, precipitation;
  • competently designed system creates ideal microclimate inside rooms;
  • does not require complex maintenance;
  • summer saves from hot sunlight, in winter does not prevent sun;
  • wide choice color solutions;
  • service life is not less than 40-50 years.

Glass and metal constructions have been successful in construction energy-saving and ecologically safe buildings in Europe for more than one decade. Manufacturer offers high-quality profile for facade glazing:

  • hinged;
  • modular;
  • ventilated;
  • sun protection.

Glazing facades Etem helps to achieve natural unity with nature and make any workplace comfortable. It is rational choice for residential and commercial objects, which should demonstrate energy efficiency and functionality.